• A Message from the Superintendent/DESE Press Release

    Good morning,
    Late yesterday I shared a press release with you from the Governor and DESE commending Haverhill for significant improvement with our drop out rate. While that targets one component of our school system…I hope you realize that this one very significant component reflects MANY of the gains we have made across our system.
    I write to you this morning so that you truly understand…that all of you play an important role in that success…our clerks that handle so much data and greet many with a smile…custodians that have our schools looking clean every day…security which through these difficult days provide safety and comfort to many…nurses that provide such kindly care to so many…our cafeteria’s staff that greet students with a smile every day as they provide welcomed nourishment…transportation staff that every day face many challenges…facility staff that are always are there to help and improve…our coaches and athletic staff that encourage and champion victories while they keep hope and promise alive in defeat…to our Principals, Assistant Principals, Guidance and support staff that labor behind the scenes to pull all the pieces together and to our teaching staff who daily take on the formidable task of capturing the minds and hearts of so many that sit before them…and if I have missed someone… all should know it is because of all of you …that so many good things happen and success continues to be realized…
    You know some critics believe “in their own minds their character is impeccable” …while we should listen to criticism we have to be driven by our unique ability to be optimistic and positive for when we inspire another…plant a seed – and properly cultivate it then growth will result…
    Jim Scully
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