• A Message from the Superintendent

    Dear Families,

    As you may know, the ongoing heavy rains have resulted in water damage at some of our schools. The need for facilities upgrades and roof repair was brought to my attention by principals and custodial staff as I began school tours last summer. In particular, the Consentino School was highlighted as  being in need of significant upgrades. This past spring, the school system and the City submitted a Statement of Interest to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) seeking funds to repair, renovate and expand the School.  We await the December meeting of the MSBA’s Board of Directors for a decision on our application.

    Unfortunately, yesterday the eighth-grade wing at the Consentino School experienced leakage, causing some water puddling and damage to ceiling tiles in multiple rooms. The dedicated staff and students of the school remained on task with the work of the day despite the unfortunate circumstances around them. Given the present situation at the school we will be seeking both short-term and long-term solutions to remedy the problem. Roofing contractors have been contacted  for immediate repair of leaks at several schools. Even with these repairs, the replacement of some roofs will soon be needed. We are working with the city, looking within the district’s budget, and seeking outside funders to cover the costs of the roofing projects. In addition to the funding proposal submitted for the Consentino School we also have plans to submit applications for accelerated repairs at several other schools in the coming months.

    As a school system we are acutely aware that it is imperative that our students and teachers have safe and comfortable learning environments. We are dedicated to addressing the facilities inequities across our city and we  thank the community for your support.

    Margaret Marotta – Superintendent


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