• A Message from the Superintendent

    Today is a very special day for so many. As you know Mother’s Day is a unique day in that we honor and remember our mothers whether living or who have gone on for the very special gift of bringing life into this world. There are some among us that have not been able to bring a child into the world but through their love and their kindness they have been a loving mother to many.

    So as we approach Sunday let’s keep in our thoughts and prayers all of those special people that have been a Mom to so many in a particular way and let’s remember those gentle and loving ways – that special hug – that’s so many mothers have shared with so many of us throughout our lives.

    There are many dads that have served as both a mom and a dad so in a manner of speaking they deserve an extra hug as well.

    God bless you all and Happy Mother’s Day.

    Jim Scully

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