• Good morning,
    As we begin the final stretch of this school year I’m sure we are all thrilled to see the sun and a touch of warmth…
    Among us…staff…students…parents there are so many that have a unique gift…a gentle and loving heart that sees beyond their own challenges and finds room in their hearts to reach out and make life better for others despite some personal hurdles.  Noelle Gregoire has changed tomorrow for many. Recognizing the shortages of toys and ways of entertaining young patients she began Laps 4 Backs.
    Noelle Gregoire…a Grade 7 student at the Whittier – all on her own, generated 30,000 toys, books etc for those in need through her fund-raising efforts …what an accomplishment!
    Many were thrilled to see the Boston Celtics last week recognize her for her vision and drive to make life better for others.
    Below is a link to see the recognition at the game.
    Thank you all for your support of such wonderful students like Noelle.
    God Bless her, her family and all of you that make a difference for others.
    -Jim Scully
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